Zomi Democracy party selects candidates for 2015 polls




The Zomi Democracy Party (ZCD) selected its candidates for the ensuing 2015 general election in Myanmar on November 8. The selection was made in the third week of July at Tidim town, Chin state. “It is the final selection to nominate candidates as Member of Parliament. It is the stage of township level nomination list and then the election wining committee will select them within this month,” said Anthony Kap Khan Khual, a spokesperson of ZCD.

The ZCD party will contest from 15 constituencies – Tidim, Tonzang, Hakha, Kalay and Tamu townships in the general election, under the leadership of Pu Chin Sian Thang.


Currently, the number of nominated candidates is 20 from different township; 8 from Tidim, 9 from Tonzang, 3 from Kalaymyo, 1 from Hakha.


The detailed list of nominated candidates is:

1. Pu Gin Sian Kham
2. Pu Kap Khan Khual
3. Pu Ngul Do Tuang
1. Pu Khup San Thang
1. Pu Chin Sian Thang
2. Pu Gin Kam Lian
3. Pu Ngin Thang
4. Pu Thang Deih Khup
5. Pi Kam Khan Dim
6. Pi Ciin Do Niang
7.Pu Zam Za Mung leh Pu Nung Sian Tuang
1. Pu Do Khan Lian
2. Pu Pau Lun Min Thang
3. Pu Cin Suan Mang
4. Pu Mung Lan Thang
5. Pu Langh Kap Thang
6. Pi Cing Ngaih Mang
7. Pu Kham Khan Thang
8. Pu H Vum Za Nang
9. Pu Thang Za Mang


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