Yam Drying Facility to be Built in Chin State


A factory to dry yams for export is to be built in Chin State in 2019, according to Myanmar’s deputy minister of commerce U Aung Htoo.

The deputy minister made the announcement last week following an inquiry in the ninth Union Parliament session by Chin State lawmaker Daw Khin Swe Lwin about plans for such a venture.

There is an existing processing plant for yams—a food locally called “wa-ou”—in Chin State’s Kanpetlet Township that began operations under the Victory Gardens Company this year. It cleans, dices and dries the yams. A lack of electricity in the area means that the power is provided to the factory by a solar generator.

According to U Aung Htoo, the new factory would have the capacity to dry 20 tons of raw yam per day after processing.

Myanmar exports dried yam products to other Asian countries, including China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and Singapore, largely through sea routes.


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