wThe Establishment of a Peace Culture in Burundi, Started with Peace Education


International peace NGO called Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) hosted a peace education seminar in Burundi on January 11, in cooperation with Leoboth School and Lycée communal of Cashi.

The seminar was attended by the foundation director, principals, teachers, and school officials from 4 schools in Burundi.

HWPL stated that peace education is to nurture human resources with the values of peace and spirit, which has been developed at the core with values such as “the dignity of life”, “loyalty” and “coexistence and sustainability.”

Furthermore, with the aim of applying these values within a wider community as well as individuals, help individuals to awaken the spirit of peace and play a pioneering role in establishing a peace culture.

Peace education, supported by HWPL, has conducted at schools in Burundi last year. At this seminar, the participants shared the results of peace education in 2019 and discussed the plan for further process for this year.

In particular, practical measures for the implementation of international law for peace based on the DPCW that addressed the importance of a culture of peace through peace education were also discussed.

Hatungimana Liévain, a teacher of Leoboth School, said, “Thank you for the active cooperation of HWPL for the seminar. It was a good time to learn the spirit and attitude of peace education instructors working for peace.

I believe that the HWPL peace education instructors will change students into people who have a good influence on friends, family, neighbors, countries, and all over the world.”


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