World’s largest cherry plantation in Chin state by ‘I Love Myanmar’


The largest cherry plantation in the world is being processed in Teddim Township, northern Chin state, Burma.


Forty thousand Cherry trees over 300 acres of land are being planted in Taing Ngin village of Teddim Township over the last three years by ‘I Love Myanmar’, which was set up by Dr. Levi Sap Nei Thang.

Dr. Levi Sap Nei Thang said it will become the largest cherry plantation in the world although it was not conceived to be the largest initially.

“I started the plantation in memory of my daughter, who was rested with Christ when I crossed these villages. That is why I started the plantation work. But we are seeing the results and profits slowly and now it is becoming the largest cherry plantation in the world,” said Dr. Levi.

Dr. Levi’s daughter died in Rangoon civil hospital of Burma when she was helping Cyclone Nargis victims in 2008.

The popular news journal reported that the world famous cherry plantation was located in Washington, USA with over 3,000 cherry plants. Presently, there are cherry plantations only in five countries such as America, Australia, Turkey, Canada, and Germany, which were all donated by Japan.

Dr. Levi believes that the cherry plants will flower within 3 or 4 years and it will attract not only inland tourists but also foreigners and it will generate income from tourists. It learnt that the native Chin Cherries natural were planted in the site.

“USA’s cherry plantation attracts tourists. If the cherries bloom it will cover the whole mountain, and tourists will come here,” said Dr. Levi. Khonumthung news


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