World-class hotel for Natmataung National Park


A world-class hotel will be inaugurated soon near Kanpalet town, Chin state western Myanmar, the director of Namataung National Park Environment and Wildlife, U Win Naing Taw said.

The hotel is being constructed by U Tin Mya Soe, former director of Namataung National Park and the other hotel assistants are U Thun Tin (forester), U Aung Aung (ranger), U Lian Thang (daily worker) at Namatuang National Park.

Meanwhile, a local NGO spokesperson said, “Using a former government servant for hotel construction and maintenance is abusing power when some of the government servants are paid only half their salaries.
Felling trees and constructing large roads at inconvenient places mean that they are not respecting local people’s wishes, he added.

Earlier, there were 26 government servants at Namataung National Park, but now there are only 12. Besides, from 2014 October, the salaries of U Luai Kim (ranger), U Lawm Sin Awm (ranger), and U Sian Leia (ranger) were cut to half.

“The state should be ashamed as there is no one willing to construct a world class hotel at Namataung. It shows that the ethnic people need a federal state,” said a local.


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