Work on commission banned to prevent robberies in Mizoram


The selling of goods on commission have been banned by the Mizoram Merchant Association (MIMA) to prevent robberies and step up regional security in the state.

The MIMA issued a notification prohibiting selling of goods door to door on 22 August by some businessmen in the state to prevent robberies and for reasons of security.

“In the notification, outside traders will be able to sell goods to Mizoram’s store owners but those selling on a commission basis have been banned from going and selling door to door or village to village,” said a trader from Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram.

Some local people suspect that the goods commissioners can give detailed information of any household to gangs into robbery.

Burmese nationals staying in Mizoram bring Chinese goods such as cosmetics and consumer goods from Burmese traders from the No-2, Indo-Burma border trade road on a commission system and sell it in Mizoram state.

“Commission work helps, especially, some married women to support their family,” said a Chin commissioner from Aizawl.

The exchange rate of Kyat with the Indian rupee has gone down on the No.2, Indo-Burma border trade road and Burmese traders are facing a problem.

“Now, the exchange rate has declined from 17 to 14 kyats for one India rupee and the traders have lost their capital,” said a trader from the Indo-Burma border.

The damaged road and bridges in Chin state have affected circulation of Burmese goods to Mizoram and traders waited with goods for several months. Khonumthung news



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