Women’s organization set up in Matupi


The Matupi Women’s Association (MWA) was formed in Matupi Town, the second capital of Chin state, Burma on 14 April.

“The Women’s Association was formed following a meeting in Bungla hall of Matupi and was organized by the Matupi Young Association between 10 am and 4 pm, local standard time” said a participant at the meeting.

The Women’s Association was formed with the idea of promoting women’s empowerment, tackle social issues and promote Matu literature. The detailed objectives will be discussed in a future central committee meeting of the association.

“I am very satisfied and warmly welcome forming of the women’s group and have great expectation from the persons involved. I believe that they will be actively involved in women’s issues” said a local from Matupi.

The meeting selected 11 persons for its executive member. They are:

1. Daw Than Zing             President

2. Daw Thin Puai              Vice President

3. Daw Elly                      Secretary

4. Daw Lung Hnem           Asst. Secretary

5. Daw Da Thwe               Finance

6. Daw Yin Nu                  Clerk

7. Daw Zung Zung            Auditor (I)

8. Daw Cang Zit               Auditor (II)

9. Daw Khin Luai Par         Member

10. Daw Rai Vang             Member

11. Daw Ruth Nu              Member


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