Women staff in Khonumthung National Park receive half their salaries


Khonumthung National Park


A woman staff member working in the Victoria (Khonumthung/Natmataung) National Park, in Kanpalet township Chin state, alleged that they were getting only half their salaries. In August 2014, Khonumthung National Park in-charge U Tin Mya Soe had attempted to take action against his seven staff members and to pay only half their salaries, but because of the rumour he changed his mind and paid full salary to four male staff members. However, the rest three women staff members were not paid their salary in full till today, though government has sanctioned all their salaries.

“As the women staff did not protest on what they were getting, unlike male staff, the women got only half their salary. They are being discriminated against as they are women,” she told Khonumthung News.


The women who are getting only half their salaries are Daw Ge Mang (UDC), Daw Oma Sein (Store-4), and Daw Tam Ki Mang (LDC).


U Tin Mya Soe was posted at the Namataung National Park under the Directorate of Environment and Wildlife protection in 2010 and he has good rapport with higher authorities, so he does whatever he wants to, a local said.


He tells his staff members that he does not care even if they report him to higher authorities as all are by his side.


Although local staff and Chin people had reported about U Tin Mya Soe to the Director, no action was taken. Now he is being sent to China under a government sponsored programme in September.


Natmataung (Khonumthung/Victoria) National Park covers 13,397 acres in Mindat Township, 29,530 acres in Kanpalet Township and 12,800 acres in Matupi Township. The total area is 275.5 square miles.


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