Woman stabbed to death in Chin state


A 45-year old woman was stabbed to death by a youth of Sabawngpi village, Matupi Township, southern Chin state, Burma on 9 April.

Pi Cheda, the mistress of a house was stabbed three times with a pair of scissors in her abdomen by Chithah from Sabawngpi village at around 9 am. Pi Cheda died on the spot, said a local.

“Chithah is a drunkard and was inebriated. That is why PI Cheda was stabbed to death without any reason” said a source from Sabawngte village.

The incident occurred while Pi Cheda was taking care of her relative who was to be admitted to Sabawngte hospital. Chithah also came to Sabawngte hospital for treatment by a psychiatrist.

The killer is being detained by the police in Lailenpi village. A doctor as well as a police inspector from Matupi Town arrived in Sabawngte village on 10 April.

Pi Cheda’s husband works in a local office of Mara Evangelical Church. Pi Cheda was also involved in the women’s group of the local Church of Sabawngpi village.


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