Villagers Discuss Release Of POWs With AA


The Arakan Army (AA) said it would release a policeman and village headman abducted during a raid by the armed group.

AA forces attacked a police camp in Paletwa township in Chin State on  February 22, kidnapping the police officer, Salai Beever, and Char Haw, a village administrator.

An elder from Than Htaung village, where the men were abducted, told Khonumthung News the AA instructed them to send representatives to pick up the detainees.

“They allowed two people from each village to pick up the detainees. Two pastors already arrived at the meeting place. There haven’t been any new updates until now.”

With the Myanmar Army nearby, villagers were afraid to meet AA as clashes could happen at any time, said U Soe Htet, a minister for Chin State.

“We suggested sending religious leaders to negotiate with them. If they don’t, the police officer and the village headman won’t be automatically released during the meeting,” said the former lieutenant colonel.

Fighting between the Myanmar Army and AA has been ongoing in northern Rakhine and southern Chin State since the AA attacked five police outposts were in early January.


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