Village chairman arrested by CNA in Chin state


6 July 2011: A village Chairman who was misusing powers and oppressing local people of Paletwa Township, southern Chin state, Burma was arrested by the Chin National Army (CNA) in the last week of June.

Mr. Aung Pan, Chairman of Karameih village was taken from the village to the Chin National Army camp and taken action against by the Northern Command of the CNA.

“We warned him for persecuting villagers, but he flouted our instructions. He collected taxes and he reported villagers who did not obey him to the Burmese Army. He was also involved in corruption,” said Mr. Lin Lawh, a second commander of the Northern Command.

The Burmese Army sent around 30 soldiers to Karameih village, near the Indo-Burma border for security purposes.

Aung Pan was directed to leave the village and was forbidden to stay in Karameih village by the Northern Command of the Chin National Army.

The Chin National Army has been fighting for democracy and self determination since 1988 and the group signed the Military Code of Conduct in a Univa agreement. Khonumthung News


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