Village administrator elected by fraudulent means


A by-election was held in Cakheng village of Matupi Township, Chin state Burma this month by fraudulent means, where the authorities selected a representative of the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) as village administrator.

The village council’s secretary was elected through voting but a USDP member, who was in the second place was selected by the Township administration directly.

Pu Rihlo was appointed as village administrator in Cakheng by the authorities. Pu Van Tling, representative of the Ethnic National Development Party (ENDP) got 6 votes, 4 votes went to Pu Rihlo and one vote was for Pu Victor, said a local.

“The election was a farce and the village administrator was appointed by the ruling party. I would not have participated in the election if I knew what would happen,” said a local.

The village by-election was conducted on the state government’s instruction after Pu Van Tling, Cakheng village administrator and ENDP member was reported as disqualified by USDP members of Cakheng village to the Township authority. Khonumthung news


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