Vice President To Observe Development Progress in Chin State


Burma’s Vice President Henry Van Thio is scheduled to visit Chin State this week to inspect the implementation of regional development projects, according to the state’s municipal minister U Soe Htet.

The Vice President is expected to visit Kanpetlet, Mindat, Matupi, Hakha, and Thantlang townships during his five-day trip, with special attention given to construction and transportation projects.

“He is coming to see regional development projects sponsored by both the state government and the Union government. He will give suggestions regarding regional development,” U Soe Htet told Khonumthung News.

Campaigner U Thein Myint said that he is going to report to the Vice President the dispute surrounding the location for the Matupi District office when he arrives.

The building is planned for an area nine miles outside the town in Hpanai-Ngalai village, which 3,000 locals protested on April 18.

“We have an agreement made by government department officials, Upper and Lower House MPs, members of the municipal committee, town elders, ward and village administration authorities. According to our agreement, if there is not enough space for the construction of the district office in municipal area, they can build it in the Hpanai area,” U Thein Myint said.

Chin students have also invited Vice President Henry Van Thio to speak at the 21st Chin University Festival in Mindat between April 25 and 29.


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