Vice-chairman’s Resignation Raises Questions


Constituents of Mindat township wanting to know why the NLD forced Chin State vice-chairman to resign sent an open letter demanding answers.

Ten civil society organizations signed the letter sent to Zaw Myint Maung, chairperson  of the NLD, and Zobwi, chairperson for Chin State Parliament.

Zaw Myint Maung told Aung Than to resign from his post by February 23 in a letter and warned if he didn’t voluntarily leave, he would be forced out of parliament.

“If the request for his resignation was related to a failure to perform his duties as an MP we will condone it. But if there is no credible reason for his resignation we will stand with the MP,” stated the open letter.

There has been any explanation from the NLD or Chin State Parliament why Aung Than was pushed out.

Aung Than refused to comment on the matter when contacted by Khonumthung News. Zobwi said the order came from above but wouldn’t elaborate on any further details.

Aung Thang was with the NLD since 1990.

After the 2015 election, he was
appointed vice-chairman for Chin State.


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