USDP warns Chin party member


A notification was issued to a Chin National Party (CNP) member for clarification at the United Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) office of Than Tlang town, Chin state, Burma on 19 August for attacking it.

Mrs. Dawt Sui was sent for twice by Mr. Za Lian Thang, Secretary of the township USDP to clarify her behaviour, while attacking the ruling party.

“Mrs. Dawt Sui went to the USDP secretary’s house with her friend.  Mr. Za Lian Thang warned her not to speak negatively about the USDP. He warned that action will be taken any time against the CNP,” said a town elder from Than Tlang town.

A town elder told Khonumthung that unless Mrs. Dawt Sui reports to the Than Tlang USDP office, she will be reported to higher officials in this case. She has not appeared in the USDP office till date.

“She is refusing to accept the accusation, so she has not appeared in the USDP office. She has clarified that she did not attack the USDP,” said a local from Than Tlang.

The secretary of Than Tlang USDP told local people that USDP can take action on any political party members as their party is the ruling party.

Some political party members accused the USDP party authorities of disappointing behaviour towards other party members as they are the ruling party. This was not democratic.

“Mr. Lal Maung Cung of the Chin National Party was accused of having contacts with the outside media and was said to have reported about the USDP negatively, so, they are under scrutiny by the USDP,” said a government servant from Than Tlang. Khonumthung news


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