USDP Urges Chin Media to Highlight State Gov’t Failings


A spokesperson for the Chin State branch of the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) met with members of the local media in the state capital Hakha on Wednesday to urge them to be better watchdogs.

Speaking for the army-backed opposition party, Salai Kwi Yang said that the Chin-language media needed to do more to expose the weaknesses, as well as the strengths, of the sitting state government and parliament.

“We need the participation of Chin media organizations to highlight and suggest where the Chin State government and Chin State parliament are doing a good job, and where they could be doing a better job. That is why we invited the media here today,” said Salai Kwi Yang.

He made the remarks at the party’s Hakha headquarters during a meeting with media representatives attended by the party’s state chairman Dr. Mu Thang and other senior party officials.

Salai Kwi Yang also stressed that the USDP is as much as “Chin party” as any other in the state.

“We regard the USDP as a Chin party, and other people also need to see it as such. We want to let people know that the USDP is prepared to cooperate with local people and other political parties to work for Chin affairs and the state’s development,” he told Khonumthung News.

Journalists from a number of news outlets, including The Hakha Post, The Chinland Post, and The Chin News Journal, as well as freelancers working in the state, attended the meeting.

The party said it would continue to invite media organizations to its state headquarters on a monthly basis.


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