USDP appoints party members in village administration posts


Deceiving villagers, a United Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) member was appointed as Chairman of the village in the village elections by the ruling party of Burma in Dawn village, Than Tlang Township of Chin state.

The village election was held on 21 August and it was led by Mr. Tawk Ling, general administrator of Than Tlang Town and USDP member, Mr. Tial Kulh, headmaster of Than Tlang high school, and Mr. Tawng Lian, Chairman of Dawn village and USDP member and his brother.

“The election was held on orders from the Township authority, but Mr. Tawng Lian, the present Chairman was elected as the new Chairman of Dawn village along with 15 members of the USDP and 19 members of their allies,” said a local from Dawn village.

A report said that 200 households of Dawn village compromise mostly members of Chin National Party (CNP).

The decision was taken at a public meeting on 20 August where a person from every household had to vote, but the election authorities allowed only USDP members to vote in the election, said a local.

The frustration of local people was reported to the township administration office of Than Tlang but they ignored the issue.

The new village Chairman put the election result on hold after villagers submitted a complaint to township authorities because the authorities helped its party win.

“The village Chairman seems to be worried about an investigation from Township authorities on the election and he dare not take charge as the village Chairman. He asked the authorities to wait awhile,” said a local.

USDP party members passed resolutions to select its party members for the village administration and to manage India’s funds by its party members at a meeting on 19-20 August.

“Mr. Tawng Lian and his party members conducted the Township USDP meeting resolution,” said a member of village council from Dawn Village. Khonumthung news


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