USA based Chins to lend support to CNF


Chin people residing in the in USA will lend continuous support to the Chin National Front (CNF), which has come to an agreement with the Burmese government this year.

The Chin people resettled in USA vowed to support the CNF during a meeting chaired by Salai Deniel Sakhong, secretary of strategic study department of the CNF in Atlanta from 29 to 30 September 2012.

“I am very happy with the vow taken by our people to support CNF’s revolution in the future,” said Salai Daniel Sakhong.

Around 2,000 Chin people from Chin state, Burma are settled in Atlanta.

“I met Matu, Zotung and Hakha, who are religious and community leaders separately in Atlanta during my trip to USA. But I could not meet some Chin community leaders due to a tight schedule,” said Salai Daniel Sakhong.

Chin people staying in Malaysia were consulted by Salai ThLa Hei, CNF’s foreign secretary in the last week of September.

Public consultation has been conducted with Chin people after setting up of a liaison office in the state by the CNF following an agreement between the CNF and the Union government of Burma.


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