US urged to show concern for Burmese political parties


Friends of democratic parties have urged the US government to take note of the activities of Burmese political parties that contested the 2010 general election and also review Burma’s relation with United State of America.

Mr. Ngepi, general secretary (1) of the Chin National Party said that 10 political party representatives met the advisory group of John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of USA, yesterday on these issues.

“The Americans used to view from one side Burma’s politics, but now there are many regional parties that can address the people’s needs, so they must hear our voices. At the same time we had appealed to recognize our existence and efforts to Mr. John Kerry,” he said.

In this regard, the representative group said that the US government had already recognized other political parties, that’s why they had met them. This is the first visit to Burma by John Kerry’s advisory board group.

In the meeting, the Chairman of the Democratic Party (Burma) U Tu wai also mentioned that although America and other third world countries had inquired about the 2010 general election from some political parties, there was no follow up.

The meeting was held at the US embassy in Yangon and the participants parties were the National Democratic Force, Democratic Party (Burma), Democracy and Peace Party, Union of Democratic Party, and other ethnic parties Mon, Karen, Chin and Rakhai.

“The reason for the visit of John Kerry’s team was that they wanted to know the exact condition of Burmese political parties at present and the power and rights of other political parties for it harbours some doubts on Burma’s political policy,” he continued.

The democratic allied parties had given each of their party’s documents related with their work and polices to the team. Khonumthung News.



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