UPC discusses five topics on the second day


Union Peace Conference (UPC) has discussed on the five main topics of Federal system, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), Tax and Revenue sharing, National Security, Land and Environment, Natural Resources sharing, in Naypyitaw today.

The discussion of five topics had been done by seven groups from each representative of the government, parliament, military and the eight ethnic armed groups.

In the third and fourth days, all the discussions of each seven groups will be reviewed and discussed again, in order to make final agreement.

There are 75 representatives from government, 75 from parliament members, 150 from military, 150 from ethnic armed groups, 150 from legal political parties, 50 from ethnic representatives and other 50 attended. The total attendants are about 700.

The main objectives of Nationwide Ceasefire Accord (NCA) are –

  1. To develop framework for political dialogue
  2. To conduct national level of political discussion and union peace conference
  3. To sign union level agreement
  4. To submit to union parliament for approval
  5. To develop union level agreement

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