Union Ministers attend 65th anniversary of Chin National Day


Union Ministers of Myanmar attended the 65th anniversary of the Chin National Day co-organized by the Chin state government and the Chin National Front (CNF) on February 20.


Chin National Front (CNF), was represented by Dr. Lian Hmung Sakhong, Dr. Shwe Khar as members of the supreme council. Other leaders also attended among thousands of people.


“About 30 years ago, President Sat Shwe Taih had attended the Chin National Day celebrations in Mindat, organized by Pu Tu Maung. Now Union Minister U Win Thun came in as a step towards national reconciliation,” said an elder in Hakha town.

At the same time, “We should not stand still but should try to promote development of Chin state, and we should not be satisfied on just having a national day but must work for union integrity,” said U Van Thawng, Chin state Social Minister.


After Burma won independence from Britain, Chin leaders set out to establish a Chin National Day on February 20 by an overwhelmingly clear choice as there were a series of historical events that coincided with that date.


It was on the 20th of February in 1928 that the Chin Hills Union Organization was established in Hlatui village in Kapetlet Township. And exactly 10 years later, on February 20, 1938, Chin Patriots submitted its nine-point proposal to the British colonial government.


Then, 10 years to the day later—on February 20, 1948—the General Assembly of Chin Land was held in Falam in Chin State. At the general assembly, representatives of the Chin people voted to overturn their traditional feudal system and adopt a democratic method of electing local and state leaders.


There were many competitions like traditional dressing, miss contests, traditional wrestling and other items in Tu Maung playground in Hakha capital of Chin state.


The 65th anniversary of the Chin National Day is celebrated in all nine townships in Chin state including Kalemyo, Neypitaw, Yangon, Mandalay, Sagaing division, Makui division. Meanwhile, Chin people in New Delhi, Malaysia, America and Australia also celebrated the day.


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