UNFC conference on ethnic peace process


The United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) held an ethnic conference on the peace process between ethnic armed groups and the Myanmar government. The conference held from 14 to 16 September in Thailand drew up political strategies.

The conference discussed behaviour, balance and justice in the peace talks between ethnic armed groups and the government. It demanded international observers, the media to make statements for the public, and to conduct conferences in different states and regions of Myanmar to garner public opinion. It aims to hold a conference for all ethnics and the strategies or agreements taken at the conference will have to be accepted as a ‘union accord’ and has to be implemented on time.

“I think the conference can achieve lasting peace for ethnic groups,” said a Chin leader into peace talks.

The current UNFC chairman Genral InBanla alerted ethnics, about the nation, political affairs and told them not to believe in some of the changes in the state as it is not real reformation.

Military affairs adviser, General Khun Uk said that conducting a conference can help recover political rights and unite all ethnic groups, who will speak in one voice.

There were 20 representatives of ethnic armed groups, political parties, experts and civil societies present at the conference.  There were a total of 150 participants.

The conference is the very first one held by UNFC after the peace talks between ethnic armed groups and Myanmar government began.


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