Two teachers made to work as carpenters for six years


Flouting rules of an academic institution, two teachers of Than Tlang Town, Chin state, Burma have been forced to work as carpenters in the school for the last six years by U Htay Aung, Headmaster of the basic education high school in Than Tlang.

This unthinkable disregard for rules of a school came to light recently.

U Lian Cung, English teacher of Class V and Pa Chung, Mathematics teacher of the same class in Than Tlang middle school were ordered to work as carpenters to make school furniture by a former headmaster, alleged a local.

“The two teachers were made to repair the school’s toilets, damaged walls and undertake other repairs in the school. English and Mathematics are very import subjects for students. Instead of teaching the teachers are working as carpenters,” said a parent in Than Tlang.

Those without proper degrees were appointed in place of Pu Lian Cung and Pu Chung. The parents of wards in Than Tlang are angry with such arbitrary measures. So, the local people have now reported the matter to Pi Zatlem, representative of Pyithu Hluttaw.

“We were not sure how to solve this problem, so we reported to Pi Zatlem” said a local.

Pu Lian Cung and Pu Chung have been serving as carpenters since 2007 from the time of Pu Tha Nawn’s tenure as headmaster in Than Tlang high school. They have been working as carpenters in the school for the past six years.

“Neither them are recognized as teachers. Some students are not even aware that they were teachers because they have been working as carpenters for a long time,” said a staff member of Than Tlang school. Khonumthung news


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