Two persons killed in mushroom poisoning in Chin state


A brother and sister died after eating wild mushrooms in Thawnglang Village of Matupi Township, Chin state, Myanmar in the last week of May.

The mushrooms were gathered from the jungle and were eaten during a family meal. The older brother and the youngest among 7 family members died from mushroom poisoning, said a local from Thawnglang village.

“All the family members suffered dizziness after eating mushroom. Firstly, the youngest daughter of the family died. The rest family members were admitted to Matupi hospital. The older brother died in the hospital,” said a youth leader of Matupi.

Fortunately, the rest of the family members are recovering in Matupi civil hospital.

The staff of Matupi hospital said that the family members ate mangoes and wild figs after along with mushroom. It became poisonous.

Especially, in the monsoon season, various wild edible mushrooms grow in the jungle of Chin state and the mushrooms are gathered for daily curry. Mostly, edible mushrooms are grown in mounts, woods and bamboos in the state.


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