Two Chins die at hydro project site


Two brothers drowned at a construction site of a hydro electric project for their village on a self help basis in Za Thal village, Sen Thang territory of Hakha Township, Chin state, Burma on 6 September.

They were drowned in the Lung Ra River near Za Thal village around 4 pm local time.

“It was raining at the time and we could not see each other and they drowned in the gushing waters,” said an eyewitness from Za Thal.

The dead were identified as Tin Ei (30) and Tial Nawn (26) son of Mr. Nga Ling and Mrs. Thla Pen. They were three brothers in the family.

The bodies were found in the evening the same day by villagers.

The floods damaged several bridges and houses in the state and heavy rain is still continuing. The new government in Burma is silent on state assistance.

But the Chin people are on a self reliance programme on a self help basis for social security, health, education and road communication in the region.

“We cannot depend on the government as in other countries, said a teacher. Khonumthung news


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