Two Chin refugees beaten up in New Delhi


Two Chin refugees including a Christian Pastor were brutally tortured by local Indian youths in Hastal village of west Delhi, the capital of India on 12 January 2012 at around 11:00 pm.

The victims were identified as Rev. Cung Aung Mang (31) son of Mr. Tha Cung Thang and Mrs. Kei Thluai and Mr. Hram Mang (18) son of Mr. Ceu Lian and Mrs. Sui Men from Ngalti village, Falam Township in Chin state, Burma.

The two Chin refugees were taken to the police station by police men and then sent to the civil hospital. Their injuries were not serious.

The local police arrested two Indian youths yesterday in connection with the incident.

“I managed to escape and the Indian youths beat up Hram Cung. He fell unconscious. And then we were taken away by the police and a police constable slapped me on my face,” said Rev. Cung Aung Mang.

Three Chin women and a man were attacked by local Indians on the streets of New Delhi on their way back home from their work place in November last year. The culprit was arrested by local police but he was released the next morning.

Chin refugees in New Delhi are into casual work after their monthly stipend was stopped by UNHCR in 2010. They are usually oppressed at their work places.

Most of them are located in Vikaspuri, Aslatpur, Jeevan Park and Sitapuri blocks. The Chin Refugee Committee (CRC) estimated that 10,500 Chin refuges live in New Delhi. Khonumthung news


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