Tuikin village administrator suspended




The Tuikin village track group administrator, U Yang Aung has been suspended for misuse of power, said villagers in Tuikin, Paletwa township in Chin state. The local villagers complained on 6 instances of power misuse. They are discrimination, forced labour, violating village rules, stealing public items, and extorting money from villagers. The villagers had complained with evidence to Chin state Chief Minister in 2012 and twice in 2013 through letters.



After two hearings on complaints he was suspended by letter no. 5/9-1/6(259) issued by township administrator U Han Win Aung on 17 June.


“All the villagers dislike U Yang Aung for his dictatorial attitude. That’s why we had complained about him in 2013, but no action was taken then. The villagers have lost their money for transportation. He may also spend lot of money for approaching higher authorities. We are glad that he was suspended,” a local told Khonumthung News.


Now U Aung Ko has been appointed as village administrator on 28 June as per the regulation of village/administrative article (8). He garnered the second highest votes in the last village administrative election.


A former administrator U Yang Aung has served intelligently under General Khin Nyunt during the military government in Myanmar.


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