Training for women empowerment in Chin state




The network for Chin Community Development (NCCD) has conducted a women’s empowerment training for Chin women in three townships in northern Chin state from 20 November to 8 December 2014. The training has been conducted in Far Tlang village, Zimpi village in Tidim township; Tuimawi village in Tonzang township and Tlangpi village in Thantlang township, in northern Chin state.

The training dealt with not only women’s empowerment but also about democracy and the federal concept, current Myanmar politics and loan system, according to Ko Simon, a NCCD staff.

“The local women were very interested in the training and the trainers were also satisfied in conducting the training,” he said.

NCCD is working for Chin people living in remote areas in the state and to promote their livelihood and capabilities. Now it deals with money lending (loan) for Chin people on the Indo-Myanmar border area.


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