Training conducted by Myanmar Egress in Chin state


A training programme called “Way out to Freedom” was held in Mindat Town of southern Chin state, Burma by Myanmar Egress, a non-profit organization which was set up in Rangoon, the former capital in 2006.

The training imparted knowledge on economic uplift of Burma, reconciliation on Burma’s peace process, Burma’s democracy, how to involve public with the Burmese government, social and economic issues, said Salai Aung Aung from Mindat.

The training groups were divided into five and the first prize was awarded to a parents and orphan group. The rest were also were awarded with certifications by Myanmar Egress.

The training was conducted between 26 and 29 February 2013 with four lecturers to around 100 trainees participating in the training including members of political parties, social groups and individuals.

“About 60 men and 40 women participated in the training. The training was jointly organized by the Chin National Party and Cho youth group and was held in Sanpiah block of Mindat” said Salai Aung Aung.

The Myanmar Egress was requested to arrange such training in the future by the trainees of Mindat. The training conductors were awarded some presents by the Cho Youth Group.


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