Traffic Checks in Kalay to Promote ‘Better Discipline’


Kalay is going to launch a system of checks on vehicles and drivers in an attempt to increase road safety starting on May 13.

“Some people in Kalay are disciplined because they wear helmets and have rearview mirrors on their motorbikes,” traffic police officer Thant Zin told Khonumthung News, adding, “That is why we are going to launch security checks in Kalay, for better discipline.”

Kalay district and township management committees will lead the campaign. Officials from different departments, as well as ward and village administration authorities, are expected to cooperate with the management committee for the safety campaign.

The authorities will carry out checks in crowded areas, and at junctions in Kalay town every day starting on Monday, and include motorbike, car and truck drivers.

Those who are found to be violating existing laws will be fined by the courts.

Many traffic and safety violations have been found in the wards of western Kalay, where much of the Chin population is concentrated, according to the police officer. Thant Zin said that he hoped Christian churches will give vehicle awareness and “road discipline” knowledge within the community.

“If the churches give us a half hour or 45 minutes, we will come to talk about it at the churches. To reduce the incidents, there are two ways such as educating them and taking action them,” he said.  

Traffic police have taken action against 556 cases of violations committed between January and April 2019. According to traffic police, people can request road and vehicle clearance from the traffic police department when they hold a social or religious ceremony.


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