Traders affected due to badly damaged border road


Traders traversing the No. 2, Indo- Burma border trade road are facing severe problems because of the badly damaged road  between Kalemyo, Sagaing division and Tiau Sub-township of Falam Township, Chin state Burma following the onset of the rainy season.

The traders are concerned, fearing road accidents given the badly damaged Indo- Burma trade road, said a traveller.

“The road is severely damaged between Tiau and Hai Mual Village in Falam Township. Most travellers have to walk instead of using vehicles,” said a traveller.

“This road is very important for us traders and travelers for carrying goods for business. But the motor routes are damaged and so it is very dangerous. I never take a vehicle along the badly damaged road, I usually walk,” said a trader.

The traders of Indo- Burma trade road spend more time on the road spending more money as travel cost resulting in a loss of capital. Some traders hire motorcycles to reach their destination.

Around 10 trucks operate on No. 2, Indo-Burma border and carry 12 to 13 passengers instead of carrying only seven passengers.

“Carrying only seven passengers do not cover fuel prices, so, we transport over 10 passengers,” said a truck owner.


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