Trade Road to Mizoram to Re-Open


After a month-long blockade on the trading route between Burma’s No. 2 border trading camp near Rih-Zokhawthar and India’s Mizoram State, the road will re-open on Thursday.

The Champai Vehicles Association ended the import of products from Burma on March 26. The Champai Trade Union and Zokhawthar Transportation Team held discussions at the Champai circuit house on April 23 and both parties agreed to resume the transportation of good cross-border.

The border blockade between Chin State and Mizoram has been making life difficult, traders said.

“It’s difficult to get back the money that we lent in Mizoram. Now the road is going to open again. I am so happy to hear it. I don’t know how they negotiated for it,” a Chin woman engaged in trading told Khonumthung News. Warehouses in Rihkhawdar in Chin State are full, with some traders exporting their products to Mizoram through Thantlang.


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