Three youths injured in motorcycle accident in Matupi


Three youths on two motorcycles were seriously injured in an accident in Matupi, the second capital of Chin state, Burma on 13 May.

The accident occurred at the road intersection of Cangbawng block of Matupi at around 11 pm local standard time. Salai Jessi, Lian Ding and Mi Sai were injured seriously, said Salai Rokung, a member of CNF’s liaison office.

“The staff member of Matupi’s civil hospital said that Salai Jessi was found to be inebriated while being examined.  All three patients were transferred to a hospital in central Burma given the seriousness of the injuries,” said Rokung.

The motorbikes were travelling at high speed leading to the crash.

The patients are being treated in the hospital in central Burma, said Salai Ro Kung.

Most motorcyclists in Matupi do not possess licenses and other documents. There are 1000 motorcycles in Matupi Town.

Motorcycles of 125 CC made in China are bought for 5,70,000 kyats and while those for 110 cc are sold for 4,00,000 kyats respectively in the local market in Matupi. But most motorcycles do not have documentation and licenses.

Motorcycle accidents are common in Chin state.


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