Three Chin women and a man attacked in New Delhi


Three Chin women and a man were attacked by local Indians on the streets of New Delhi on their way back home from their work place.

“They hit me first, and then they attacked the women. One woman was injured in the leg,” said Mr. Tluang Bawih.

The victims are Mr. Tluang Bawih, Miss. Sang Cing (18), Miss. Mawi and Miss Mang Nu, who is working as a translator in Don Bosco Ashalayam. Miss San Cing was injured in the leg.

Though one of the locals has been arrested by the police from his home in Budella Market, Vikaspuri in New Delhi, he was released later, said Mr. Tluang Bawih.

“He was arrested yesterday, but was released by nightfall. Now we are wondering the how to proceed with the case,” he told Khonumthung News.

After the incident a group of Chin refugees gathered in front of the Indian’s home, who was involved in the attack and approached the local police station after which the police came and arrested him.

Ms. Cherry, in-charge of ‘Violence Against Burmese Women in Delhi’ said, “Policemen are always siding with local people and protect them. It is very unfortunate and there is no security for us.”

She said Chin refugees will tie up with other women’s organizations in New Delhi to address the problem.

Chin refugees in New Delhi are into casual work after their monthly stipend was cut off by UNHCR in 2010. They are oppressed at their work places. Most of them are located in Vikaspuri, Aslatpur, Jeevan Park and Sitapuri blocks. The Chin Refugee Committee (CRC) estimated that 10,500 Chin refuges live in New Delhi. – Khonumthung News



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