The three Chin parties will join together into one party


The three Chin parties – Chin Progressive Party (CPP), Chin National Democratic Party (CNDP) and Chin League of Democracy (CLD) had made agreement to form one party on 21 May, 2016 at Happy Noodle Café Hall in Myitkyina state.

“We had to join together into one party before, as we all had already felt to form one party system in near future for Chin people. At the same time, the Chin people would like to form one party system in Chin state too, so that we had made agreement to form a new party,” said Salai Pipi, secretary of CLD party.

Three representatives from each party will draw the rule and regulation for joining together. If they can make agreement to work together under one party, they will invite other Chin parties.

“Now we are doing for only three parties. As other Chin parties are willing to form one party system, we will invite them after we form a party,” he added.

Previously, the two Chin Parties – Chin Progressive Party and Chin National Democratic Party had tried to join together into one party, but it did not work out.

“Our head leaders had made agreement among them, but we have to discuss more about policy and other matters. I hope everything will be well after one or two more meetings,” said U Saw Mya, secretary of CPP.

The leaders of the three Chin parties will meet again on 28 May 2016.


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