The new government meets public in Thantlang and Falam townships


The official group of new government of Chin state has visited to Thantlang and Falam townships in order to know the needs of the local people by meeting with them.


The group had been led by Pu Lian Luai, Chief Minister and they had visited to Thantlang township on 14, 15 April, and had visited to some villages in Falam township and Rihkhawdar sub-township on 16-18 April, reported by U Shwe Thiau, Minister of Transport, who accompanied with them.


“We have field visiting to know the needs of people as well as to know how far we can support them on their needs. The main purpose of meeting with local people in these areas is to know the condition of transportation, electricity, drinking water, education and health. We heard about road transportation, water and electricity from them. Some of these can do directly by our new government but some cannot; then, we’ll do step by step for them.” he said.


The official group had visited to Surbung airport project in Falam town yesterday.


In this trip, CM Pu Lian Luai was accompanied by Pu Zobawi, Chairman of Chin state parliament, Pu Shwe Tiau, Minister of Transport, Pu Zung Hlei Thang, MP in Falam township, Pu Tala He, Director of state Municipal, Pi Siami MP in Sagaing region for Kalaymyo, and Pu Lal Thawng Thang, Minister of Chin affairs in Sagaing region.


The local people and some organizations of Mizo in Mizoram northeast state of India had welcomed warmly and presented citations to Pu Lian Luai and his officials when they reached in Rihkhawdar, sub-township of Falam, Indo-Myanmar border.


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