The Book “True Story“ Introduced to the Public in Laos


In Laos, which boasts beautiful scenery and is selected as a tourist destination by many tourists, there are still people suffering from war and its remnants.

Laotian authorities and international organizations are also working to eliminate the unexploded bombs and to provide aid, while not repeating the history of such pain.

To raise the awareness of the importance of peace and to encourage the citizens to participate in peace activities, libraries, museums, and universities in Laos have set the book called “True Story” in their respective places.

The book, which is provided by an international peace NGO, contains the history of the realization of peace accomplished by the cooperation of civil society, governmental offices, intercontinental organizations, and peace activists.

With the aim of implanting the spirit of peace to the global citizens, the NGO called Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) has donated the book “True Story” to the public places such as national museums, universities, and public libraries in about 134 countries.

This time in Laos, ‘National Assembly Library of Laos’, ‘Luang Prabang Library of Laos’, ‘National University of Laos Central Library’, ‘Untue Buddhist University Museum’, and ‘The Wisdom Centre Library’ had decided to have the book for the citizens.


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