The 70th anniversary of Chin National Day will be held in Hakha


The state level 70th anniversary of Chin National Day will be held on 20th February 2018 in Hakha, capital city of Chin state. The decision making on celebration of Chin National Day had been made in Hakha Parliament assembly hall between Chin state government and members of Parliament on 13 October. Then they had decided to hold it in Hakha.

Although many people believe that the upcoming National Day has to be held in Paletwa town previously, the place was changed to Haka as there will be some problem in regards of transportation and accommodation in Paletwa, said U Pau Lun Ming Than, Minister of Social welfare in Chin state.

“Previously we were interested to hold in Paletwa. Some members of Parliament also proposed to parliament meeting. But there will be many problems we can face in terms of transportation and accommodation. That’s why we had decided to hold in Hakha,” he said.


In this regards, Ko Peter Luai Lu, editor of Khumi media, said that the explanations of not holding in Paletwa are baseless as they can make accommodation in Church halls and schools same as done in Falam. As we had done many times in Hakha, I would like to do other towns in Chin state.


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