The 2nd Falam youth conference holds in Kalaymyo


A report said that the 2nd Falam Youth Conference is being held in Kalaymyo, Sagaing region from 2nd March 2016.


The conference will be held from 2-5 May for four days at BCDC hall in Tahan block, Kalaymyo and many Falam youths are presenting at the conference from various places in order to build better unity and communication among them, said Jesses.


“We can’t have good communication or network among our youth group as they are located in different places in the state. The main purpose of doing this kind of conference is that they have to know each other very well firstly, for having unity and to active in nationalism,” he told to Khonumthung News.


The conference deals mainly with the issues of human rights, protection of environment, civic education, policy and management, and history of Chin; these will be discussed for the four days of confrence.


There are about 100 attendants at the conference and it is used to hold once in three years. The last conference had been held in Falam town in 2013.


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