Thantlang community leaders to file lawsuit against illegal alcohol sellers


Around 45 community leaders of Thantlang Township intend to file a lawsuit against illegal alcohol sellers. A report in this regard has been sent to the township general administrator on 17 January.

The Hakha Post, a local newspaper, reported that leaders from Church groups, students, parents and YMCA had gathered in traditional dresses and had gone to the township general administrator’s office.

“The township general administrator promised us that he will give priority to resolve the issue as it is related to an illegal drug case,” said a local parent.

A report said that although public leaders had already filed a lawsuit against two illegal alcohol sellers earlier, the concerned authorities did not take any action. Therefore, it has been reported again to the township general administrator Pu Rum Thang.

“The township general administrator told us that this kind of case can fetch at least six months in jail according to the law,” said a student leader.

In Thantlang town, Christian church leaders used to buy the license (permit) for alcohol in order to prohibit it.


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