Ten households threatened by landslide in Chin state


In Hakha, the capital of Chin state, Myanmar, people in the New Market block are apprehensive of landslides as of 12 June 2013. It includes the newly constructed Pu Chan Bik’s house of Hakha and 10 more households which are threatened.

A report said that belongings of 10 household’s were moved to a safe place by local people, a youth group, fire department personnel, the Red Cross society and local police personnel.

The new construction was started on 26 March 2013 without negotiating with nearby house owners at the construction site. A crack started from the foundation of the construction although around 100 feet was built as foundation with stones. Now the construction site is slowly collapsing.

“My house which is adjacent and has a kitchen on that side collapsed yesterday night. Constructors workers came with bulldozers but they didn’t give me any information,” said Ma Ngein, a local from Hakha.

The landslide was monitored by Pu Ngun San Aung, Minister of Road Communication of Chin state and Pu Tam Aung, Minister of Municipal Affairs .They said that the cracks was not caused by bulldozers, said a local.

At the same time, the road communication minister banned construction because the bulldozer engine’s vibration caused loose earth to move causing more landslides.

“I cannot understand why when the house site owner was stopped from throwing soil because it will cause landslides the authorities has not stopped the use of bulldozers” said Ma Ngein.

The landslide affected the house of Pu Chung Hmung, Pu Za Thawng, Chin, Pi Sung Tial, Pu Biak Nawl, Pu Thang Cung, Pu Zo Bawi, Pu Tial Hnin, Pu Kheng Tawi and the Chin Taungtan restaurant. Two other household were also affected by the landslide.


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