Teddim locals to oppose opening of CNF liaison office


Teddim township people will oppose the opening of a Chin National Front (CNF) liaison office, following an agreement between the Chin state government and the CNF delegation in the first week of January. 

The license office of the Chin state government agreed to open a CNF liaison office in three places in Chin state such as Matupi, Than Tlang and Teddim town after negotiations between the CNF and Chin state government last month.

Signatures from the public were being collected to oppose the move to open a CNF license office in Teddim town by some local youth groups, said a leader of a local youth group.

“We do not dislike CNF members but its party members have been unruly. So, the local people think that there will be more trouble for local people if they set up an office inside,” said a youth leader.

The signatures were being collected in Teddim, Ton Zang, Chin state, Kalemyo of Sagaing division and Rangoon, the former capital of Burma, where Zomi people stay.

The Zogam Post reported that the statement with signatures will be posted on a website for Zomi people to sign from abroad.

Collection of the CNF liaison office opposition signatures was completed from around 50 villages in Teddim Township. The signatures will be submitted to Mr. Thein Sein, the President of the new Burmese government and Mr. Hung Ngai, Chief Minister of Chin state next month.

“I got the information from Voice of Zomi. I said that so many people have been affected in the revolution period. The military government arrested many innocent people and put them in jail on long term sentences. Some local people were tortured and killed in the state. It happed in various places, said Mr. Paul Sitha, Joint Secretary General (1).

He added that The CNF was collecting taxes from Chin people since 1990. “We collected at the Chin state level till 2008. We did not exclude any place or area or township at that time. Teddim and Ton Zang people should look at national unity. Negotiations should be across the table to solve a problem instead of going for confrontation,” said Mr. Pual Sitha.

The nine-point agreement was signed in Hakha the capital of Chin state last month by CNF, which included that CNF liaison offices will be opened in Matupi, Than Tlang and Tiddim in the south, north and the middle of Chin State, respectively and then the Chin state government will meet the peace delegation. The CNF also agreed to cooperate in eradicating illegal poppy cultivation, drug business and drug smuggling in northern Chin State.  Khonumthung news


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