Teachers hired, students to be charged Ks. 400 in Rihkhawdar


The government middle school (2) in Rihkhawdar new town, Falam Township, Chin state has hired two teachers at Ks. 400 per student because of other inefficient teachers. The arrangement begins this academic session 2014-2015.

“The school committee has decided to hire two teachers paying Kyat one lakh per month from this year because of inefficient teachers in this school. And then we will collect Ks. 400 from each student,” said Pu Bawisum, a committee member, to Khonumthung.

There are 535 students in Rihkhawdar government middle school (2) and there are eight teachers for middle school and five teachers for the primary. The government high school also needs more teachers.

“In response to collecting money from students, a parent of a student requested consideration for those who have three or four students from one family as the total expenses will be too high,” he added.

Meanwhile, a headmaster of Rihkhawdar government middle school (2) expired in July 2014 and his post is still vacant.

Although 500 appeared at an examination for the posts of teachers in Chin state in April 2013 conducted by the Education Department, there is no information on how many persons have been appointed.


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