Teacher Shot Dead in Tonzang Township


A 27-year-old primary school teacher was shot and killed in a Tonzang Township village in Chin State on Sunday evening.

Dim Lun Mang was shot in the 14-household Tuivialzang village in Hai Kyin village-tract, allegedly by a fellow resident of the community at around 9:30 p.m. according to village headman Kam Za Inn.

“The teacher had lived in the village for a long time. I heard they had quarrel about a social issue. Actually, I don’t know the real root cause of this murder,” Kam Za Inn said.  

Two students were with their teacher when she was shot. The primary suspect, Vinok—a Manipuri man married to a local villager—is believed to have fled to India after the shooting. The village is about 200 meters from the border.

Kam Za Inn said that the gunman was not detained.

“There is no security in the area. He had a gun, so I think the villagers were afraid to arrest him,” he said.

Dim Lun Mang was a native of Hkai Kam town in Chin State’s Tedim Township, where her body has been sent.

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