Survey on starvation situation by Chin state Hluttaw member


A move to resolve the starvation situation in Chin state, Burma led to a survey between 7 January and 10 February by Pu Lal Maung Cung, a member of state Hluttaw and a representative from Than Tlang constituency. He is a member of the Chin National Party.

A Hluttaw member had made a survey plan following a resolution passed by Chin state assembly meeting between 17 and 22 December 2012 to resolve the starvation issue in the state. Pu Lal Maung Cung made a proposal in the assembly.

About 22 villages of Than Tlang Township including Vailam, Zanak and Vanzangtlang areas were surveyed by Pu Lal Maung Cung.

“Zanak tlang area is the most affected by starvation among the three areas in Than Tlang, so the government and Hluttaw representatives are obliged to solve the problem here first,” said Pu Lal Maung Cung.

Ralpel, Lungler, Dawn, Bungkhua, Ruabuk, Saikah, Ruakhua villagers of Zanak tlang areas of Than Tlang Township are cut off from food and Thangzang, Fungkah and Sihhmuh villagers have stocked its shifting cultivation seeds for only three months.

Bungtlang village of Vailam tlang area has exhausted its foods stock and some rations were transported from Mizoram state of northeast India. Now other villagers of Than Tlang Township will face food shortage.

“The villagers of Bung Tlang village want to shift to Saisichuak in the border areas of Mizoram state, but now they are facing food shortage so they could not shift to Saisichuak,” said a Hluttaw representative.

The situation is Lungding village is particularly severe among villages of Vanzang tlang areas, but some food was bought with 12 lakhs kyat which came as assistance from those staying in foreign countries. Most of villages of Than Tlang Township will face severe food shortage in three months.

“There is food shortage as well as water supply problems, along with damage to school building. Proposals of villagers to seek support to overcome food shortage were submitted more than once to the state government but the government is yet to respond,” said Pu Cung.

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART) has found evidence of renewed famine in Chin State following the famine which began in 2007. The local people are involved in road construction on a self help basis to transport food from other places.


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