Students on strike demanding release of alleged drug smuggler


Students in Kalemyo, Sagaing division have been pushed to go for a strike by a lawyer of Kalemyo demanding the release of Salai Run Lian Ci, who was allegedly arrested for drug smuggling on 24 July.

“We have no part in the strike,” said a teacher of Kalemyo University.

A Kalemyo resident was arrested with five grammes of heroin by the police along with Salai Run.

“The government lawyer pushed the students to start a strike demanding Salai Run Lian Ci’s release. The authorities can expel the principal of Kalemyo University because of the strike,” said a relative of Salai Run.

“The authorities recorded Salai as a student in the case in court and forwarded it to Naypyidaw, the capital of Burma,” said a student of Kalemyo University.

A student card of Salai Run was handed over to the authorities but they did not accept it. The authorities said that the case is already submitted to Naypyidaw.

The Chinworld media reported that Mr. Mya Aye, the lawyer appointed by the authorities demanded 8 lakh Kyats to process the case. The lawyer was paid only 4 lakh Kyats.

Salai Run Lian Ci was sent to Indaingkyi prison about 10 miles from Kalemyo, where most political and student leaders are detained. – Khonumthung News.


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