Students of Kalamyo University of Technology boycott re-exam


Kalay TU


Students of the University of Technology in Kalamyo have said they are boycotting re-examination of some papers as announced by the head of the University after some answer scripts were stolen. On 17 September 2014, the head office of the University was robbed and some examination answer scripts were missing.  Dr. Aung Zaw Lin, head of the University announced a re-examination of the missing subject papers on 18 September.

The students in a statement said that they are boycotting the re-examination, because they had already sat for their examination as per the guideline of the Ministry of Science and Technology Department. The missing answer scripts are the responsibility of office staff not students. They had already appeared for the examination conducted by the University of Technology on 8 September in the whole country.
Although there is no information about which subject papers are missing, office staff had reported the theft to the police.


Meanwhile the students’ union has demanded that the University reveal which subject papers are missing and demanded its recovery immediately as is it very shameful for the University, the statement said.


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