Students Demand Funds For Education Be Evenly Dispersed


Students are calling for education budgets allocated for universities in Chin State to be fairly distributed among campuses.

The University Student Fellowship (CUSF) released a statement asking for the state government to evenly disperse funds to higher education facilities in the various townships.

“When we look at the budget for 2018 to 2019, we find there are different budgets allocated for the various townships in Chin State,” said Salai Thawng, a spokesperson of CUSF.

“For instance, the combined financial budget for three townships is much lower than for one township. We understand there will be different budgets for different townships but the gap shouldn’t be so wide.”

The budget for Hakha township is larger than the combined budgets of Kanpetlet, Mindat and Tedim townships, he said. Students want the township universities to develop equally.

The statement was released during the recent 21st Chin University Student Festival in Mindat attended by about 500 Chin students from across the country.

Demands were also made for road signs across the state to be in Chin language; for the government to provide more financial assistance to help internally displaced persons in  Paletwa township and for all stakeholders work together to stop the war in Myanmar.


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