Students Collect Drinking Water From Air


By Lalnun – High school students in Chin State are drinking water extracted by the air that has been purified by state-of-the-art technology, thanks to the generosity of a Myanmar charity and an Indian company.

Myanmar’s Heart, founded by former Miss Myanmar, Moe Set Wine, and Swelect Energy Systems Ltd donated the purification machine to a school in Tonzang.

“This machine doesn’t rely on water resources,” said Wine. “It can change air to water. After, the water will be purified.”

Actually, the system relies on fans that draw water vapours in the air through a hydro solar panel, according to information on the Swelect Energy Systems Ltd website. The panel has special materials that absorb water. “The vapour is collected as the air flow passes through a condenser, then flows into a reservoir where it is mineralised with calcium and magnesium.”

Wine said they have traveled across Chin State, the poorest state in Myanmar, donating the purification machines to those in need.

Some of the mountain streams where people are getting their drinking water contain  lime said Wine. Sai Min Htet, vice-chairman for Myanmar’s Heart, said some still use traditional methods in an attempt to purify their water but the contaminants are not getting filtered out.

“People need to drink purified water to be healthy,” Wine said. “If students are healthy, they will do well towards pursuing their dreams.”


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