Stepped up Chin re-unification process


The new Chin National Front (CNF) Supreme Council Chairman said today that the Chin re-unification demand has been brought up again for achieving national unity. 

The Chairman of the CNF addressed the Chin people after making a pledge in the first emergency conference of the CNF recently to work together to achieve self-determination for Chins, a federal system and democracy in Burma by experts from both outside and inside Burma, politicians and various tribal groups of Chin state.

“Every tribal group should participate in our revolutionary struggle, at the same time I want to invite all tribal groups to join us. Everybody can join the movement as per their ability, so all tribal groups should join hands in our struggle, ” said Dr. Za Hlei Thang, CNF Supreme Council Chairman.

The Chairman stated in his appeal letter to the Chin people that the Chin people had its unity diminished. This was the first time that all the Chins were able to hold the general meeting and for national unity since 1948 in a Falam public meeting. Now the Chin people are reunited as of the CNF emergency conference.  The Supreme Council Chairman urged the Chin people to welcome the conference resolution and stand point for a national revolutionary struggle.

At the same time, the Chairman has informed the people that the CNF delegates will meet Chin state government officials in Hakha, the capital of Chin state on 5-6 January 2012 initially for peace talks to resolve Burma’s conflict scenario politically.

The Chairman reiterated in his message that the CNF strongly depends on its people to struggle to solve state political issues following the challenge of regional and international politics.

Dr. Za Hlei Thang was put in jail by the authorities of the Burma Socialist Program party for several years for actively being involved in the Burmese democracy movement and he was elected a Member of Parliament from Falam Constituency in the 1990 Burma general elections from the Chin National League for Democracy.


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